Watch Comedy, Watch Adam Sandler

Watch Comedy, Watch Adam Sandler

Watch Comedy, Watch Adam Sandler

If you have hit the rock bottom, nothing can help raise your spirits than a good comedy. Comedy is not everyone's forte. Comedy timing is the gift that God has not endowed many with.

Adam Sandler definitely has this gift. He began his career and gained popularity through novelty songs, and albums containing prank calls that were very funny. Then he stepped into the world of movies and he has been going well.

In this article, you will be detailed upon some of his great works. For Adam Sandler, it all started to go great with Billy Madison. This was his first major success. It established him. The movie makes you laugh every time, you watch it.

Adam Sandler has worked in movies that are not totally comedy as well. Click tops the list. This movie had a lot more to it aside from being funny. Kate Beckinsale played the role of his wife for the flick. The cast also included the amazing Christopher Walken. The movie is a must watch.

Little Nicky is a m ovie that does nothing but make you laugh. Therefore, if you just desire to have a good time without having to fret about understanding the plot, it is your ticket. Sandler was selected for the role of Devil's son with a twist. In this movie, the Devil's son had a good heart.

Bulletproof is also a nice movie of his. It also had Damon Wayans, who at that time was going great career wise.

No list would be complete without the mention of Happy Gilmore. Sandler acted in the role of a golfer, who has anger management issues. The golfer is not into golf that much too. It is a treat for sports fans as well.

Adam Sandler did not have the main role in Dirty Work but still he did good to impress.

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