Design iPhone Apps By Borrowing Ideas

Design iPhone Apps By Borrowing Ideas

Design iPhone Apps By Borrowing Ideas

If you're trying to design iPhone apps in the hope of making it big in the App Store, it's vital that you examine the designs of some of the top iPhone apps out there. The truth is that there are many iPhone apps that barely get downloaded, and usually the ones that get many downloads are the ones with the simplest of designs. To get yourself on the right track, you may want to try emulating the design of the apps mentioned below:

Angry Birds

What's nice about About Angry birds is that it has a very basic idea and concept. It's a simple little game that has been downloaded thousands of times, and almost every person with an iPhone knows what this game is. It's nicely designed with a pretty interesting, yet basic setup that any child could follow along. It's simply a good app that's definitely worth downloading.

Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is a game where pieces of fruit pop up onto the screen, and you basically cut them in half like a ninja. If you plan on creating a simple game for the app store, Fruit Ninja can give you a good amount of ideas. It's a pretty unique game, and basically, the overall design is great for those people who hate to read long pages of instructions.

Wikipedia App

The Wikipedia App is very useful because you can browse through their entire list of millions of articles, and there's no need to visit the site from Safari. It's pretty useful to use, and anybody who enjoys learning or needs to do some quick research on anything will find this app to be a great addition to their iPhone.


Aside from the Wiki app, those who want to research some celebrities should use this app. Would you like to look for the resume of Raven Symone, or maybe the local guest star in a movie? You can do so by using this IMDb app.


Facebook is a very popular website nowadays, and it's a socia l network that has over 500 million registered users. I highly suggest that you download the app for some instant access to your Facebook account and easily make status updates from any place. This is one iPhone app that anybody will enjoy downloading.

Basically, if you want to have some fun at making iPhone apps, trying going for the same design iPhone app as the ones above. You shouldn't copy them wholesale, but instead get ideas as to why many people enjoy those specific apps.

Is it because they're funny, or maybe because it's useful to have them? In order to succeed, you need to make sure that you're able to come up with a variety of ideas from other apps, and simply let your mind explore and think up different designs. In the end, you would have a wonderfully built app that has a great idea based on the already successful apps in the past.

If you want to discover the secrets of iPhone app development, visit the following site:

iPhone Dev Secrets

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