Great Movie Soundtracks - Why Sad and Lonely Is Always Best

Great Movie Soundtracks - Why Sad and Lonely Is Always Best

Great Movie Soundtracks - Why Sad and Lonely Is Always Best

There are loads of great movie themes.

Why is it the ones that stick with us are tinged with sadness.

Some you remember because they're just great tunes, others we remember because they compliment the movie but occasionally there are the ones that define a movie and are intrinsically linked with the celluloid itself.

The following three themes are some of the saddest and make for some of the greatest movie art of all time.

The Godfather Waltz - Nino Rota

This is the one theme that is worth taking up the trumpet for and spending all the endless hours of practice needed to perform this iconic piece.

The theme takes on various transformations during the course of the movie, but it's the haunting solo trumpet theme that really defines the movie. Sad almost like a eulogy, maybe the association of the trumpet with the last post makes this the perfect instrument to carry this theme.

After all the orchestration, and va riations that the theme undergoes, in the end we are left with the feeling in the pit of our stomachs, that ultimately the gangsters life is a meaningless empty and selfish choice with nothing left but atonement.

Taxi Driver - Bernard Hermann

Set in New York, the theme tune lends itself perfectly to Tom Scott's yearning alto sax solo. The lilting sax riff and theme, is the musical equivalent of the melancholic Travis Bickle, the main character.

This is juxtaposed with the hard repetitive drums and brass swells that depict the gritty city background and show the alienation, of Travis as he works his shift.

This was Bernard Hermann's final film score before his death. A timely masterpiece which includes some of the composer's own despondency and is something that resonates in the mood of the film; quite rightly, the film is dedicated to him.

Pan's Labyrinth - Javier Navarrete

Set 5 years after the Spanish Ci vil War the film is a strange mix of Fantasy and historical fact, depicting a young girl's struggle to come to terms with her domineering father and ailing mother. The film has a deep sadness running through it, which is depicted in the lovely memorable lullaby on which the whole soundtrack is based. Navarrete was nominated for an academy award for this score. The film went on to achieve international acclaim, and it's themes of war, fantasy and hope make some compelling viewing

If you've not yet seen any of these movies, they're worth watching just to experience the soundtrack, but movie and music are almost inseparable and you can't have one without the other.

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