The Movie Puncture Reveals Big Business in a Way It Never Wanted Its Story Told

The Movie Puncture Reveals Big Business in a Way It Never Wanted Its Story Told

The Movie Puncture Reveals Big Business in a Way It Never Wanted Its Story Told

If you think that all American business people are honest, would never cheat anybody, and would surely never cost anybody their life, well you need to think again. Puncture the movie delves deep into the inner minds of some of the executives that run a few of the largest corporations in the world, and lets you come to understand what makes people like this tick.

If you are under the impression that the leaders who run these mega sized institutions care about their customers, or want to help out society, you will quickly discover that is not the case. They are only concerned with one thing, which is making as much money as possible, no matter whom it hurts or who it kills.

The movie Puncture stars Chris Evans who plays Mike Weiss, a drug addicted attorney who had no business being involved in the case at all. He should have been in a treatment center getting help with his problem; instead he was involved in the biggest legal battle that he will ever be in. B y the way, Chris Evans is also starring in the soon to be released Captain America film.

His legal partner in the movie is Paul Danziger, who is played by Mark Kassen, who just also happens to be a co-director with his brother Adam. Paul acts like what you would expect a typical lawyer to be like. He is very organized and is an extremely detailed person.

How and why these two very opposite types of people ever became business partners, should be explored in another movie. A significant portion of the film is based on their interpersonal and working relationship. As you would expect, it is not the best, and there is a great deal of tension and infighting between them. The movie is a real life court case about a person who came up with a new product that could save lives. Of course, if you invent something that is much better than everything else on the market, you should be able to sell it to every business that needs it.

That is how America is supposed to w ork after all. However, once you start watching the film, you will quickly learn that it is not how American business actually functions. If you run a big corporation, the amount of money and resources at your disposal is almost unlimited.

You can choose to use those assets properly, ethically, and legally, or you can choose to use them to ruin your competition. In Puncture the movie, you will find out that far too many of the people that we respect, who run these huge business, feel like it is better to cheat every citizen in the country, just to keep their firm on the top.

Puncture the movie is not a wild west story, it does not have great special effects, and there is not even a single car chase in the film. It is an old style movie that most film fans will fall in love with.

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