Watch Free TV Online - 3 Ways How

Watch Free TV Online - 3 Ways How

Watch Free TV Online - 3 Ways How

Movies on PC - How do you get to Watch Free TV Online?

To watch online Television you may need to either get it for absolutely free or use some of the other cheaper ways. Either way, you will experience the many benefits of getting it anywhere you are and at anytime you want.

The flexibility offered by the service is unparalleled and unrivaled by the other ways of watching Television.

To get to watch the online service, you need to download and install one of the very many types of software sold online into your PC or laptop. Once installed you will immediately start viewing shows from which ever country you want.

There are three main ways that you can watch online service from your PC. These include;

Way # 1

The absolutely free way to watch online service is by logging into the websites on the internet.

There are some websites on the internet that offer totally free Television. All you have to do is to log in to the website an d click on the name of the station you want to watch. The websites are usually one big home page divided into regions with stations represented in the website.

Under each country is a list of hot links to channels found in that country or region. North American and UK stations are listed under the English channels section including other English channels found elsewhere.

These are the most favorite for those people that don't want to spend money on the online service. The only handicap with these websites is ...well they are unreliable like most free things are. Due to the huge demand created for providing free online service.

The website servers are so overstretched that they don't cope half of the time. In fact the last time I tried, I could hardly watch anything for more than 5 minutes without an interruption.

Way # 2

The other way to watch TV on pc is by use of PC Television cards. These are small pieces of computer hardware that are attache d at the slots in the rear of your PC or laptop.

The PCTV actually don't connect you to online service but only act to convert your PC or laptop, just like your other set. This means that PC cards enable your computer to access television from the major networks offered as free to air.

To watch free service on PC using PCTV cards means that you will have to install an external aerial to be able to receive live TV feeds into your computer monitor. They also come with radio antennae that you have to raise and possibly stick to the wall to receive radio streaming to your computer.

PC package comes with CD software to install the toolbar that you use to access television and radio channels. The software is designed that it has a list of all countries in the world.

Once installed, you will need to prompt the software to scan the available channels in that country or area. You can now save the scanned channels to the computers memory just like you do with a normal set.

Watching free service on pc afterwards needs you to just open the software and browse through the saved channels. All these are the available free to air channels in your country only.

Way # 3

The last method of watching television online is by download of simple software. This is the most recent method of accessing online service and is the most reliable and has the widest variety.

This method of watching online telly is the most versatile and portable since it is provided over the internet. The internet service is available all over the world but is best viewed with a broadband internet service connection.

These softwares are available from many vendors on the internet. All you need to do to get the software is pay a small start up cost of $ 50 and you are directed to a download page. You can then download the software into your computer and install it just like any other software.

Once installed, the software will enable y ou to watch programs from world channels in over 70 countries.

A software that I'm currently using has a channel catalogue of over 3000 stations and in different languages including English online, French, Russian, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, Dutch, African, Arabic online free service among 3000 others.

This article has featured the three most common ways to watch free service online.

Robert has reviewed over 43 different Free Online TV websites [] and shares some of his findings in his website [].

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