Christopher Nolan's Amazing Track Record

Christopher Nolan's Amazing Track Record

Christopher Nolan's Amazing Track Record

Blown Away By Inception

Like many movie goers I was blown away by Inception. I thought it was so fantastic that I really have to try to contstrain myself from saying things like "it's the greatest movie ever." I mean, it's good to get some distance from things before we go too crazy with that kind of talk. But with something this great, it's difficult to do that.

Because of how much I love Inception I wanted to take a look back at the past work of Christopher Nolan (the writer and director) to see if there was anything I've missed.

What I found was a string of absolutely great movies, some of my favorites of the past decade. And it's this amazing track record that I want to focus on in this article.

(1998) Following

This small budget (just $ 6000) black & white debut is the only Nolan movie I haven't seen and I plan on rectifying that as soon as possible. On IMDB it has a 7.7 rating which is actually pretty low by Nolan standards (as you will see) but still very good.

(2000) Memento

This is probably my second favorite Nolan movie (my first being Inception, of course.) It made a huge impression on me when I first saw it back in 2001 and it's never really left my consciousness in the years since then. If you like thought provoking films and you haven't seen this yet, make it your business to do so.

It's got a stellar 8.7 IMDB rating which is high enough for #29 all time. This is a true classic.

(2002) Insomnia

This is my least favorite Nolan film to date, and it's still really quite good. It has a 7.2 IMDB rating.

(2005) Batman Begins

I'm not a huge fan of the whole comic book movie genre but Nolan makes it work with his Batman movies. To me his Batman movies are far superior to the vastly overrated Spiderman movies.

It has an 8.3 IMDB rating which makes it #108 all time. I s hould mention, by the way, that these IMDB ratings are fluid as new votes are always being made.

(2006) The Prestige

I used to think I was in the minority in really loving this movie (and I had forgot that Nolan directed it) but it's 8.4 IMDB rating (for #72 all time) proves that is not the case.

(2008) The Dark Knight

I do love this movie, but I actually think it may be slightly overrated in comparison with his other work. It's got an 8.9 IMDB rating which puts it at #12 all time.

(2010) Inception

This movie is currently rated as the third greatest movie ever on IMDB (with a 9.2 rating.) But it should be noted that movies often start off very high when they are first released before some perspective drops them down a bit over the years. That said, I definitely think this movie is going to go down as a true class and it's also definitely my favorite of his movies (and that's saying a lot!)

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