Top 10 Disney Movies

Top 10 Disney Movies

Top 10 Disney Movies

Over the years, Disney has produced some of the most memorable movies. They have taught us about finding the truth inside of our hearts, and given us the strength to make it through the hard times. With characters cut from real life, we'll take a moment to look at the top 10 Disney movies.

# 10 Robin Hood

Disney sported a fox for the title character and brought the timeless classic to the big screen. It gave young viewers the chance to see that sometimes doing the right thing might seem like it is wrong to others, and gave us brave heroics.

# 9 Cinderella

Everyone has a dream that is set to come true, and that is what this tale is about. Even in the darkest moments of our lives, there is the chance to find our fairytale ending. More importantly, we learn about friendship and trusting those in our lives.

# 8 Aladdin

This movie took us on a magic carpet ride that taught us about friendship and faith, while giving us a good chuckle thanks to Robin Williams.

With some of the best hand drawn animation that Disney every put out, this is one of the most memorable movies of all time.

# 7 Bambi

Heartbreaking and real, the film was about growing up and finding out that even in our darkest hours we can find the truth. This is one of the few times that a movie has touched many people in dramatic ways, and was brilliantly done with strong vocal actors.

# 6 Mulan

Taking away from the traditional Disney princess heroes, Mulan showed a new and exciting side to the Disney Legacy. This classic tale delivered a number of emotional blows while holding a solid story and delivering a beautiful soundtrack that many will always remember.

# 5 The Little Mermaid

Growing up different can be hard for some people.

But for Ariel, it just seemed part of her life. With an award winning soundtrack and a mesmerizing storyline, this animated tale quickly became one of the best films from Disney. This was the one time that Disney truly shined with the different is beautiful concept.

# 4 Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

This classic was the groundbreaking film for Disney. Brilliantly written and drawn, children today still love the tale of Snow White and the 7 new friends she made in the middle of the woods. In fact, the Wicked Queen is among the best villains of all time as well. This is truly a timeless classic.

# 3 Lady and the Tramp

A beautiful tale about love that isn't quite a fairy tale and it is done brilliantly. Here, we have two lovers who are from different walks of life. The Lady falls in love with the homeless Tramp and they both find a change inside of their hearts. Well voiced and it has a tale that will still bring most people to tears. This is a phenomenal classic that shouldn't be missed.

# 2 The Lion King

From Elton John's award winning soundtrack to detailed scenery this coming of age story has captured the hearts of millions. In this tale we learn about the inner truth and strength in ourselves and have the ability to push forward, even in the darkest of times. It was also the first Disney movie to get a sequel, and rightfully so. This is among the best that Disney has ever offered the viewing public.

#1 Beauty and the Beast

The ultimate love story was one that had people stop dead in their tracks. Not only did this movie offer brilliant vocal talents and an award winning song that broke the hearts of millions, but it also gave us the hope that in all of us there is something special, and no matter what our shell looks like, there will be someone out there that will see the inner beauty in us, and fall in love with that person. Because as Gaston proved, beauty is only skin deep.

Each of these movies will hold a place in our hearts for years to come. These are timeless classics that even today seem modern and relevant in our culture and society as well.

Wadzanai Nenzou Is A Writer And Owner Of Inspirational Quotes Change Lives Website. She Grew Up Watching A Lot Of Disney Movies And Absolutely Loves Them. For More On Disney Movies Go To Her Website

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