Spiritual Truth in the Movie 300

Spiritual Truth in the Movie 300

Spiritual Truth in the Movie 300

The Movie 300, directed by Zach Snyder, is good for its groundbreaking cinematography, creative characters and the fact that the Spartans were fighting for something greater than themselves. The Spartans were onto something in their willingness to die for the cause of ... what was it again?

The movie 300 also demonstrates the strength of camaraderie. The Spartans were so tenaciously unified that they defeated many times the number of soldiers that happened upon them. A chain is strong because the links hold tight to one another. So also the Spartans' strength was not in any singular man, but in the combined efforts of the whole regiment.

However the combined strength of the most disciplined men in the world is still limited apart from God.

The movie 300 demonstrates the futility of manly pride. The Spartans thought that their pride strengthened them. And they were correct so some extent. Their pride was so much greater than the Persians' that they kil led more Persians than visa versa.

But where are these great ones now, 2000 years later? They're all dead.

All prideful strongholds must eventually crumble. Sparta, for example, has been extinct for many years. The folly of trusting in one's own mortal strength has been demonstrated over and over throughout history by the fact that every civilization eventually falls.

The most foolish statement in 300 is from King Leonidas: "Spartans! Ready your breakfast and eat hearty... For tonight, we dine in hell!" This reveals his tragic shortsightedness. What good is all the historical prowess in the world to a man who loses his own soul? There is a fearful reason hell is called "hell." It is designed to be eternally unbearable. If hell-bound people had to face unending hardships that they might overcome through their mortal determination then we'd have to rename hell "earth."

According to the movie 300, the Spartans were obsessed with superficialities. They we re so distracted by their arbitrary standards for perfection that they threw innocent children away like garbage. God does not (and should not) allow such civilizations to last very long. Americans should take heed of this truth. The further we stray from God's priorities the more we will embrace ideals similar to the Spartans'. Our godlessness already resembles the Spartans' by the way we kill unwanted children or chop them up in the name of scientific advancement.

A country will be long as long as it embraces godly ideals. Godly ideals lead people to care for the needy, protect the vulnerable and follow their consciences. There is a secret strength in trusting God. If we go on trusting our intellectuality or physical strength instead of God will never understand divine strength.

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Patrick is an average Christ-seeker. His goal is to turn people to Jesus Christ.

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