Information About LCD TVs

Information About LCD TVs

Information About LCD TVs

The popularity of an LCD TV has increased over the past few years - thanks to the innovation happening in the digital display technology. An LCD screen utilizes the liquid crystal display to view the images. It also features a fluorescent back light that produces the light to a mirror and then projects it to the screen. The display consists of tiny pixels, which converge the image and display it as real. Depending on the resolution of the display, the quality of the image may vary.

LCD TVs are no more restricted to the luxurious home theater setups. They have become an affordable option to all types of families and commercial centers. Interestingly, the price of LCD TVs drop almost every month! At the same time, these cheap LCD TVs have been added with more and more innovative features. High-definition (HD TV) is the latest mantra. With HD TV, you can watch movies and videos as in real life.

Depending on the requirement in each environment, they are available in different sizes.

Some of the popular models of flat TVs are: Samsung LN46A650 (46-inch), Samsung LN40A650 (40-inch) and Samsung LN52A650 (52-inch). All of them are LCD HDTV. Philips offers a 37-inch model LCD HDTV.

Points to Remember while Buying an LCD

If you are looking for a cheap LCD TV from a reputed brand, you will have to do a little homework before stepping into the showroom. Firstly, you need to have the basic information ready with you. The company, brand, size of the display, price and picture quality are the important factors to be considered before finalizing the product. Depending on your budget, you can opt for additional features such as memory card slots and video camcorders.

Apart from Samsung and Philips, there are several cheap LCD TV manufacturers in the world. They are: Sony, Hitachi, Sharp, LG, Mitsubishi, Westinghouse, and Toshiba. All of them produce high-quality LCD TVs that meet the requirements of different types of customers. However, they may differ in their features. To get an idea about these features, you have to make a comparative study online. All of these models are compared online by different online stores. It is easy to find the best one out of them.

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