Great Movies With Greater Expectations

Great Movies With Greater Expectations

Great Movies With Greater Expectations

It is uncertain how the selection of good movies list is determined by the film historians but the most probable method of deciding is by checking out the revenue of the gross sales. The good movies list comprises films which are touted to be the must-see flicks that guarantees film-watching pleasure as well as milking the value for money. Depending on the individual and distinctive taste of the audience, the catalog of excellent films is predicted by film critics beforehand.

Certain filmmakers have shared information with the media prior to the release about their outburst of efforts in making the production as flawless as they can, which subsequently results in high expectation from the film fanatics. After raving about the anticipation of the release, films may not meet the expectation of fans and this may end up in a flop.

However, with the help of vast media channels whereby the producers are able to create hype about the stars that they manage to bag to play the roles may do the film industry some good. The all-star Ocean's Eleven and it sequel Ocean's Twelve casts promised an onscreen chemistry of the finest Hollywood actors such as George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Julia Roberts and Catherine Zeta Jones. Fans were assures to be with the fireworks of the top stars.

Other circumstantial media hype can be generating much-needed publicity is real-life relationships. The Bounty Hunter features the complicated but satirical storyline where Russell Crowe's character as a bounty hunter is to hunt down his ex-wife, played by the beautiful Jennifer Aniston. In a situation where most men dream about killing their former spouses, Crowe plays it cool and let the audience guess his next move. Aniston's brilliant performance as a comedic actress after leaving the sitcom, Friends, is shone throughout the entire film.

Publicity is the key to ensure a long run at the box-office for uninteresting films with dull storylin es. The media tactics in garnering attention for the film critics to promote and recommend the upcoming films are done in various ways. Usually the actors that are involved in the film are required to help out with the promotional efforts. One of the effective ways for the actor to contribute to making the film a sure success is by promoting it via talk show appearances. The most notable endeavor to publicize their upcoming projects is by attending interviews with top talk show hosts such David Letterman, Ellen DeGeneres, Jimmy Kimmel and Jay Leno.

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