How To Burn Itunes Movies And Tv Shows To Dvd

How To Burn Itunes Movies And Tv Shows To Dvd

How To Burn Itunes Movies And Tv Shows To Dvd

The movies and TV shows downloaded from iTunes store are DRM-laden, which prohibits us from further use of our own downloaded movies. For example, it won't allow us to share the movies with other computers, burn the iTunes purchased movies to DVD or play the iTunes movies on any portable player other than Apple iPod and iPhone. Therefore, the following article is going to show you how to bypass iTunes DRM restriction and burn iTunes movies and TV shows to DVD for backup, enhancement and playback on home DVD players.

The only tool you need is Media Converter Ultimate (Free Download), which combines into one prgram the functions of DRM Removal, DVD Creator, DVD Ripper, Media Converter, Media Transfer, etc.

Step 1. Remove DRM from iTunes movies and TV shows

Click the "Add" button to load iTunes media. iTunes movies and TV shows are usually located in the Movies and TV Shows folders under *:\My Documents\My music\iTunes\iTunes Music. After making some necessary settings, click the "Start" button to begin the conversion.

Step 2. Burn iTunes movies and TV shows to DVD

After the conversion, there is a pop-up dialog asking you to either "Burn to DVD" or "Copy to Devices" (media transfer). Choose the former and a window will pop up, with the (DRM free) files you just converted listed ready to be burnt.

Click "OK" to go to the next "Burn to DVD" window, where you can choose a menu template, set background image/music, etc for the output.

Click "Next" to make further DVD burning settings. You can choose to burn to DVD drive (insert a DVD disc first), burn to ISO file or burn to DVD folder. You can also specify the output path for the ISO file or DVD folder, choose TV Stardand (NTSC or PAL), Aspect Ratio, etc for the output. Besides, the software will estimate result file volume for you. Click "Start" and the whole DVD burning progress gets started.

The burning status will be clearly shown in the progress bar. After the whole burning process, you can get the output file and start to enjoy your favorite iTunes movies and TV shows on a DVD player.

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