Rango Movie From Gore Verbinski

Rango Movie From Gore Verbinski

Rango Movie From Gore Verbinski

Verbinski cleared up some plot details. Rango (Depp) is really a pet chameleon who lives inside a terrarium. "He's a thespian in search of an audience," says Verbinski. "He's produced friends with the inanimate objects in his terrarium â€" he calls them all by name. And when we meet him, he's in the process of putting on a play using the different objects." Verbinski then alluded to Roadkill, an armadillo voiced by Alfred Molina: "Roadkill's run over within the origin of Rango's demise, in which his terrarium is thrust from his automobile, and he leads to the desert."

Through a bizarre set of circumstances, Rango winds up at a town called Dirt, which is populated by a number of Mojave Desert wildlife. "This town is really hungry for a hero, and they get the fantastic pretender," says Verbinski. "Rango has to ultimately comprehend the distinction between pretending and what's real." The director also mentioned that Rango, as an aquatic creature desperately needing hydration, ironically finds himself getting involved in a Chinatown-esque water subplot.

Already Rango comes off as an animated film with a lot more substance on its mind and much more tricks up its sleeve than most.

And how Verbinski went about recording his characters' voices was a departure for an animated film. Typically, actors perform their lines alone in a recording studio. But instead, Verbinski gathered his complete cast â€" including Depp, Timothy Olyphant, Abigail Breslin, Bill Nighy, Isla Fisher, Ray Winstone, and Harry Dean Stanton â€" and had them act out the complete film in a very studio during a 20-day shoot. Making use of a limited quantity of props, sets, and costumes, the actors repeatedly tackled their scenes while video cameras recorded their performances.

"It's not motion capture â€" it is called emotion-capture," says Verbinski. "I didn't want to give up the techniques that had been developed in shooting live action, in which you try to optimize the potential for capturing the awkward moment â€" the moment in which things aren't cerebral or manufactured. Everything in an animated movie is manufactured. There isn't any accidents. So we have been trying to encourage a kinetic, raw spark to the audio track." Verbinski showed us some of this footage, and needless to say, the view of Johnny Depp pretending to become heroic cowboy lizard is simultaneously amusing and slightly disturbing.

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