Movie Downloads on the Internet

Movie Downloads on the Internet

Movie Downloads on the Internet

Most of us come home after work or have some free time on the weekend and would like to relax for a while maybe pour something to drink, grab a quick snack and sit down to watch some television.  First lets watch the news for a while to catch up on things current.  Now I would like to watch a movie, I have all the premium channels my cable company offers, STARS, Showtime, Lifetime, Cinema, the list goes on.  I cannot find anything that interest me they have the same titles sometimes for months at a time. Pay-per-view is my next option the cost is $ 6 up to $ 20, forget it!  

I decided to do some surfing on the internet I typed in movies. I started reading what they had to offer it sounded pretty good to me. Some sites offered P2P movies.  I knew this was an infringement on the copyright, the same thing happened with the CD's in the music industry consumers were downloading the songs but the producers were not receiving any commission.  They made a big deal of it, a few people refused to stop distributing the songs.  They were heavily fined or jailed.  I eventually found a site that claimed to have legal downloadable movies NOT P2P.

They offered unlimited downloads for  two years at a wonderful price.

To join their club was very simple I entered my credit card information and then hit the download button.  I filled out the rest of the form; the selection of movies came up on my screen.  The selection was immense, it contained a large selection; action, adventure, cartoons, comedy, classics, drama, fiction, new DVD releases, love, mystery, and you get the point.

Most homes today have HDTV which allows you to join the computer to the TV through a HDMI cable, another method  is through your home entertainment system with  some AV Jack's or through a wireless router if your computer video card will support  it. These methods can be easily looked into through the Internet, they are very common.  If you cannot join the two and have a conventional television do not despair.

Download and Burn
Most computers have a burn disk program in them from the manufacturer if not you can download one from the numerous free programs.  (Infra Recorder) Download your favorite movie then the instructions to burn it to disk.  You now have a DVD that you can use in any DVD player or computer.

The advantages of downloading, your own movies are quite clear.  Download as many as you like when you want to.  A lot cheaper than a video store, no driving, no late fees, no schedule to look up, portable, totally legal

I scan the products & pick out the ones I like & trust
This product has a 60 day Satisfaction guarantee. If you don't like it you can have a full refund. NO PROBLEM.
Download a huge selection of movies at
Author:Anthony Dvorsky

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