Plasma TVs

Plasma TVs

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Plasma TVs

With cable and satellite companies increasing the amount of High-Definition content they are offering to their subscribers, many people are deciding that now is a good time to think about replacing their old picture-tube televisions with a new flat-panel plasma television set.

When viewing a plasma TV, the first thing you will notice is the incredible high-resolution clarity of the picture. Available in resolutions from 720p, best for smaller TVs where the resolution is not as obvious, to 1080P, the highest resolution currently available, there is a plasma screen for nearly every budget. If you wish to take advantage of true HD programming, make sure your plasma TV is HD compatible. Some plasma television models are actually EDTVs, or "Enhanced-Definition Televisions", which boast a higher degree of resolution and clarity than standard picture-tube sets, but do not have the resolution of a true HD compatible plasma television set.

Plasma TVs are also much lighter and thinner than traditional TVs.

Typically only a few inches thick and less than half the weight of a similarly-sized analog television, A plasma television can free-up valuable floor-space and be mounted on a wall since they lack a traditional, bulky picture-tube.

The number of colors displayed by plasma televisions approaches 17 million, more than the human eye can distinguish, and with a higher contrast ratio, blacks are deeper and darker. The image also does not blur during fast-moving sports or action scenes, due to their fast screen refresh time and lack of phosphor lag (the time it takes for the pixels in the screen to change color and brightness as an image moves across the screen).

LCD screens still suffer from motion blurring, however, as LCD technology was originally intended for reading motionless text on a computer screen.

Though both are quickly dropping in price, a plasma television is usually less expensive than an LCD television of a comparable size, particularly when comparing models with larger screen sizes.

If there are multiple television viewers in your household, plasma is the way to go. With larger screen sizes available than LCD televisions, generally 37-65 inches as opposed to LCDs offering of 17-56 inches, you can watch TV from farther away and more closely approximate the movie theater experience. Flat-screen plasma TVs also have a wider viewing angle, ranging from 160-180 degrees with no degradation in color and image clarity, making plasma TVs ideal for multiple viewers.

Imagine surfing the net, doing computer work or even playing games on your television from the comfort of your sofa. Internet connectivity is a feature supported by plasma television technology, and some newer models are even internet ready, allowing you to connect your plasma TV to your computer and use that enormous, crystal-clear screen as a monitor.

The purchase of a high-definition, flat-screen plasma television is made more attractive than ever these days with the growing amount of HD programming made available by cable and satellite companies to their subscribers. A plasma television is the crown jewel in any home theater system with its unsurpassed picture clarity and resolution, millions of colors and falling prices. Start shopping today!

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