Tron: Legacy Movie 2010 Full Hd Online

Tron: Legacy Movie 2010 Full Hd Online

Tron: Legacy Movie 2010 Full Hd Online Tron, meanwhile, sneaks into an input-output tower and receives instructions from Bradley to destroy the MCP. Tron then joins with Yori (Morgan) aboard a solar sailer simulation program to quickly get to the MCP. Flynn manages to climb aboard at the last minute and, along the way, reveals to them that he is a User. Sark's command ship destroys the sailer, capturing Yori and Flynn. Tron is believed to have been killed in the impact.

Sark takes a number of captured Programs and debarks his command ship, taking a shuttle to the MCP's core. He leaves Flynn and Yori aboard the ship and begins to de-rez it, but Flynn manages to keep it intact and Yori alive. Before telling the captured Programs of their fate, the MCP sends Sark out onto the mesa, saying it feels "a presence". Sark battles with Tron, who had snuck aboard his shuttle, while the MCP tells the Programs that it will assimilate them into itself. Tron gains the upper hand and severely damages Sark, prompting the MCP to transfer its functions and cause Sark to grow to immense size. Tron then attacks the MCP directly, attempting to break through its shield. Flynn jumps from Sark's ship into the MCP's core, distracting it long enough to reveal a gap in its shield. Tron throws his disc through the gap, destroying the MCP and Sark, and freeing the digital world. I/O towers begin to light up all over the landscape as Programs begin to communicate with the ir Users.

As Tron and Yori ponder Flynn's fate, Flynn is sent back to the real world, reconstructed by the digitization laser at Lora's terminal. A printer next to him is printing out the evidence that he had sought, showing that Dillinger had "annexed" his code. Dillinger arrives the next morning to find the MCP non-functional and the evidence of his wrongdoing displayed on his screen. Some time later, Flynn is shown to have replaced Dillinger as the CEO of ENCOM.

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