LCD TVs - Buying Guide

LCD TVs - Buying Guide

LCD TVs - Buying Guide

LCD technology
LCD TVs are manufactured using a liquid crystal display flat and very light, consisting of a liquid placed into numerous cells connected by electrical contacts capable of forming an electric field.
The cells are enclosed within two polarizing screens.
LCD screens can now reach considerable size, have left models of Panasonic presented the latest events on the technology that have exceeded 100 inches, which is clearly associated with off-market prices. But we know that the latest innovations always have high costs.

Brightness and Sharpness
One of the valuable characteristics of the LCD TV and an amazing brightness that makes them, unlike the plasma to such statistics released sharper images.
Certainly a substantial difference that directs the purchase of an LCD than a Plasma TV is the fact the size plasma TVs start at 37 inches up, while LCDs from 5 inches up then, considering that the distance from where you sit to watch television must match the size of the screen that one has before, very often we are forced to buy a TV that does not exceed a certain number of inches, then the plasma is excluded a priori from our choice purchase.

Screen Size
LCD TVs are created to offer a great versatility thanks to a scale of different sizes ranging from 5 inches up to and slightly exceed the 100-inch commercial sense even if the best-sellers dealing with the scale ranging from 20 "to 40" is as a matter of price as a matter of location.
The LCD TVs that are produced and sold using a 16:9 aspect ratio even though thanks to technological gimmicks in the image of the screen can be resized to 4:3 or made in the internal system automatically depending on your TV content transmitted the image to fit the screen.
The televisions are equipped with sound systems supplied stereo that can be integrated with home cinema systems emit a sound much higher, there are now many different brands of home theater systems: Bose, Sony, Panasonic and so affordable for those who indicated tech enthusiast and seeking the most from the sound system.
Clearly As a result of the screen increases will raise the purchase price also dictated by the quality of the technology that makes the LCD TV, now with the advent of HD Full HD image rendering and movement has grown significantly as prices as compared to non-high-definition models.
Certainly for those who can, we recommend the purchase of a Full HD LCD TV as the way forward is the right one considering that other technological equipment such as camcorders and digital cameras have built-in high definition, as well as the DVD Movies are walking the track for the benefit of the rendered image more perfect.

The introduction of TVs with HD technology allows to display high-definition movies with imaging performance far superior to traditional LCD screens today, even if only Sky HD movies in high definition shall subscribing all the other networks do not transmit to the when filmed in high definition.
HD TV systems are therefore of different definitions and identified from the video signal that arrives at 1080i or 1080p that is longer than the first for the quality performance, the resolution adopted by both models and 1920x1080 resolution that allows a degree of sharpness image high.
For Full HD TVs can be connected to the newest DVD players Blu-Ray or HD-DVD release that only high-definition images, also in business today you can buy movies in high-definition DVD HD-DVD or Blu-Ray which open new horizons of high definition.
The Playstation 3 is now on the market with a Blu-Ray for reading high-definition movies.
The Xbox 360 can be equipped with an external support that reads DVD formats HD-DVD.


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