Top 2010 Comedy Movies

Top 2010 Comedy Movies

Top 2010 Comedy Movies

2010 is the year for comedy lovers as a lot of hilarious comedies are released this year. Funny antics and characters are the selling point of comedies which have marked their names on the Box office and viewers. There are some that have been released and others yet to be released after summer. Among those already released, here are the list of 2010 funniest comedies so far.


Get Him To The Greek

Directed by Nicholas Stoller and staring Jonah Hill and Russell Brand, Get Him to The Greek is based on a story of an ambitious 23-year old who needs to fly to London and get a rock star to The Greek in L.A. The movie not only comes with a plot that works but also the ability to keep the audience laughing from the word Go.


Death At A Funeral

With a number of top actors such as Chris Rock, Martin Lawrence, Zoe Saldana, Columbia Short, Death at a funeral is a remake of a British movies of the same title where the family converges for a Funeral.

Aaron (Played by Rock) is the brother to Ryan (played by Lawrence) and married to Michelle (Regina Hall) is hardworking man who is to arrange and give the eulogy of his father. In the funeral, a number of things happen and the family secrets are exposed. It offers a great laugh especially the dialog between Chris Rock and Martin Lawrence.


Our Family Wedding

Though humorous, this film tackles a number of serious issues including cultural conflicts interracial marriages. It stars America Ferrera, Forrest Whitaker, Regina King, Carlos Menca and Lance Gross. The wedding between the two families features a number of mishaps that will leave the audience laughing and enjoying themselves. Forest Whitaker and Carlos Mensa offer funny scenes as they work hard in discarding their differences while planning the wedding.


Cop Out

This movie was released in early February and features Bruce Willis teaming up with Tracy Morgan and Sean William, the movie will leave all the viewers in stitches especially in scenes where the tension between Willis and Morgan produces humor.


Grown Ups

Staring Adam Sandler and Chris Rock, Grown Ups is a movie about the reunion of different childhood friends and basketball teammates. The reunion was is honor of their late coach and it happens at the lake House where they used to spend their younger days. Since they are now middle aged they come with their wives and kids in tow and the humor generated is great.


Dmitry Kobyleha is a movie lover who is a big fan of best comedy movies and an owner of several best movie related blogs online.

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