Watch Telugu Movies Online Free

Watch Telugu Movies Online Free

Watch Telugu Movies Online Free

In India almost all the states make movies in their own languages. Apart from the Bollywood pictures every state has its own legacy and specific type of telling stories. Though the mainstream movies are popular all over the states of India, different types of movies are made in India due to commercial appeals and innovations of new cinematographic professionalism. In India Telugu film industry is notable for making Telugu movies of great varieties and it ranks third when making movies in a calendar year comes to the forefront. Telugu films, generally commercial in style, are released almost every month and in the festive seasons the numbers of release make almost everyone interested in Indian cinema awe struck.

Telugu movies produced and made in the Indian state Andhra Pradesh have gained popularity as Tollywood movies, though some cine crazy people call the films made in West Bengal, particularly at the studios of Tollygunge Tollywood pictures.

Anyway, the films of Andhra Pradesh are made in the Telugu language and every year we notice the release of galore of movies. In the earlier period Madras, now Chennai was the central location of producing Telugu movies. But as the craze for Telugu movies became rampant the production of the Telugu pictures was shifted in Andhra Pradesh. Right now when movies of big banners are made the total shooting or partial shooting is scheduled in different notable studios of Tamil Nadu.

The specific cause of taking shots in different studios of Chennai is that the low budget Telugu films can not be shot at foreign locations owing to stipulated budget; hence the multi faceted studios of Tamil Nadu come to this aid. Another special trend of the Telugu movies is that most of the movies where eminent stars are cast release on festive occasions like Dussera, Sankrnthi, Ugadi etc that are always regarded auspicious to the directors and producers of the Telugu movies.

Telugu movies generally depict social stories packed with enough commercial treats. Once upon a time the movies were based on mythology or religious issues but a big shift was noted after independence and Telugu pictures got a momentum catching notes of human emotions. It has also been noted that most of the super hit Telugu movies are remade in other regional languages or totally copied. Though the movies never care for art films or parallel movies they carry on a trend of their own that is absolutely unmatched.

Some personalities like S.P. Balasubramanyam, Dr. Brahmanandam,  Vijaya Nirmala, Dr. D. Ramanaidu  associated with the Telugu movies have the honor to become the part of Guinness World Record for their expertise in respective fields too.

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