?Rango? ? Pirate Johnny Depp voices a chameleon

?Rango? ? Pirate Johnny Depp voices a chameleon

?Rango? ? Pirate Johnny Depp voices a chameleon

“Rango” is a cartoon about the adventure of a coward chameleon in a western town named Dirt . His name is Rango who is voiced by Johnny Depp. On June 9th, a strange video in which an orange plastic fish float slowly across an open highway was launched. The first film poster of Rango appearance was next introduced on June 28th. Directed by Gore Verbinski, a teaser trailer was released worldwide on June 29th. In “Rango”, viewers will enjoy funny scenes in which Rango is just one of many coward characters. In the implementing process, advanced technology converts Johnny Depp’s motions into real ones of Rango.


Johnny Depp is Rango


Johnny Depp


Johnny Depp played as Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean series


Pirate Johnny Depp voice a chameleon named Rango


Rango, a coward chameleon


Rango loves self-discovering the western town of Dirt






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