Online Watch Biutiful Movie 2010

Online Watch Biutiful Movie 2010

Online Watch Biutiful Movie 2010 Guido invents a false answer and thus begins a pattern of creative deception to shield the boy from the ugly reality.

On the day of little Giosu's sixth birthday party, Guido and the boy are abruptly hauled off for deportation along with all of the town's Jews. Upon entering the box car at the train depot, Guido answers his son's inquiry about what is going on by pretending the entire thing is a game and the goal is to follow papa's rules and win points. It works, the boy likes this game.

The brilliance of this film is that it shifts to the little boy's point of view once they enter the concentration camp seemingly to play papa's fascinating new game in which the goal is to outwit your opponents, the SS, and tally a thousand points to win a genuine tank. This takes place amid a scenario in which the Nazis routinely gas all of the old people and young children considered unfit for work.

The daily life and death game continues as Guido performs slave labor while his little boy hides out in the men's barracks while somehow learning that other kids are being 'cooked' in ovens in the camp.

The day eventually arrives when the Nazis hastily begin burning documents and evacuate or shoot the remaining inmates. This is the end of the game and I don't want to give away anything here, because the ending of this movie is magnificent and I found it deeply touching.

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