Re-releases of Disney classic movies

Re-releases of Disney classic movies

Re-releases of Disney classic movies

Everyone has a favourite Disney movie. Ask most people, and they'll remember the make-believe worlds, the characters and the theme songs as an important part of their â€" or their own child's â€" childhood. You probably remember putting your video cassette in your video player and singing along to Beauty and the Beast or shedding a tear in Bambi. But if you've relegated the Disney classics in their video form to storage, the re-release of Disney movies on DVD or Blu-ray makes it possible for you to enjoy all your favourite Disney movies again.

Here are a few examples of the Disney classics that you can get in a new release DVD or Blu-ray copy -

- Bambi. Originally released in 1947, Bambi is one of the most loved Disney animated films of all time. The plot centres on Bambi learning to grow up in the wild after his mother is shot by humans.

The scene where Bambi learns his mother is shot has repeatedly been voted one of the saddest movie scenes of all time. On March 30th, Bambi is set to be released on DVD and in a special Blu-ray edition.

- Dumbo. In July 2010, a special 70th anniversary edition of Dumbo was released on Blu-ray and DVD. Dumbo has captured hearts since its first release in 1941. When a baby elephant that is delivered by a stork, it is nicknamed ‘Dumbo' and ridiculed for his large ears. Dumbo manages to overcome the taunts and learns to fly with the help of this friend Timothy Q. Mouse.

- Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. A DVD and Blu-ray copy of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves was released in October 2009. This magical story and the characters have been celebrated for generations. With state-of-the-art digital restoration Snow White and her adventures with the Seven Dwarves comes to life once more, as she is tricked by the evil queens enchanted apple, and can only be saved by true love's kiss.

- Beauty and the Beast was released on DVD and Blu-ray in October 2010. This classic and much loved tale tells of the beautiful Belle, who is able to save the human prince who is turned into a beast under an enchantress' spell. Locked away in an enchanted castle, Belle is charmed by the enchanted characters she meets. The original Disney version was released in 1991.

DVD and Blu-ray technology gives these classic Disney movies state-of-the-art restorations and makes them accessible and available for new generations. You can buy your Disney classic DVDs or Blu-ray online to help keep the Disney magic alive! Keep your eye open for other Disney classic films set to be re-released.

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