Netflix Free Trial

If you happen to be taking into consideration renting movies on the net, a great way to test the waters is to sign up for the Netflix totally free trial. In this write-up, I'll talk about the fine print of the zero cost one month membership, plus I'll go more than some of the simple information relating to Netflix, the top internet movie rental service in the United States.

Free Trial Limitation

Very first off, it need to be noted that if you or any other member of your household has been a Netflix subscriber inside the last 12 months, you won't be eligible to take element in the no cost trial. Moreover, those taking portion in the absolutely free trial are only allowed to have 1 movie out at a time, despite the fact that you may perhaps also watch an unlimited number of streaming movies by way of the Netflix webpage.

What Netflix Presents

Netflix has a library of more than 100,000 movies and television shows on DVD and Blu-ray disc (subscribers need to pay an additional $2 per month to rent Blu-ray movies). Depending on your subscription program, you can have as couple of as two or as a large number of as eight movies out at a time. These DVDs will be shipped to your household, and returns are produced by just dropping them back in your mailbox (postage is pre-paid). As soon as Netflix receives a movie that you have returned, the next film in your queue will be sent out. Netflix has over 100 shipping points across the United States, meaning that 97% of their clients will obtain their next choice one day after it has been mailed out.

An additional crucial feature of Netflix is their no late fees policy. When you get a movie, you can keep it for 1 day, 100 days, or any other length of time. You'll never ever be charged a late fee.

Netflix members will have access to the following categories:

Action & Adventure
Anime & Animation
Children & Loved ones
Faith & Spirituality
Gay & Lesbian
Music & Musicals
Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Specific Interest
Sports & Fitness

How to Watch Netflix Movies

Shoppers have a number of choices for how to watch their Netflix DVDs or Blu-ray discs. The regular option is to get a movie by way of the mail and watch it on your DVD or Blu-ray player. With a unique connection by means of your Wii, PS3, or XBox 360, you can also watch streaming movies on your television set. The exact same goes for your Mac or PC, although the selection of films on the market for instant viewing is way more limited than those received through the mail.

Netflix Pricing Plans

The following are the Netflix pricing plans that full-fledged members can select from. Every quantity listed beneath is charged monthly, and keep in thoughts that having access to Blu-ray discs will add an additional $2 per month to your bill. Unlimited instant viewing comes will all subscription plans.

$8.99 - 1 DVD out at a time
$13.99 - 2 DVDs out at a time
$16.99 - 3 DVDs out at a time
$23.99 - four DVDs out at a time
$29.99 - 5 DVDs out at a time
$35.99 - 6 DVDs out at a time
$41.99 - 7 DVDs out at a time
$47.99 - 8 DVDs out at a time

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