Internet Movies: Full Movies Review. Download Movies Online

Internet Movies: Full Movies Review. Download Movies Online

internet movies
by ifranz
Internet Movies: Full Movies Review. Download Movies Online Hello today we are going to review a new "kid on the block" internet movie download service called Full Movies (FM). FM just started a few weeks ago and its from the same people who launched the very popular internet TV service Satellite Direct.

First lets look at price. FM offers three purchase plans. First you may purchase 3 months of unlimited movie downloads for $ 29.95. Or you may purchase 1 year of unlimited downloads for $ 34.95. Or you may purchase 5 years of unlimited downloads for $ 39.95. This compares very favorably with other online movie services and will no doubt enable FM to compete very effectively in today's market.

How does FM work? Its very easy you just register, download, and watch the movies!. Access is instant. Payment methods accepted include Visa/MC, Discover, Paypal, and others. And there is a great 60 day money back guarantee!

Some of the features of the service are: 24/7 availability; full movie downloads; no time restrictions whatsoever; no P2P file sharing; no charge per movie and no monthly fees; no hidden fees; no subscriptions; movies are yours forever after you download them; full access to their movie database; watch on your desktop, laptop, mobile;
user friendly features and quick downloads; no additional hardware required to use the service.

So all in all a very affordable and convenient way to watch movies. Add to this the high quality of the video and outstanding customer service.
The only drawback I can see is the lack of a streaming movie capability, so the user can't just stream the movie to his/her device.
Every movie must be downloaded first. The price for the service is low compared to other similar services so that shouldn't stop you from taking advantage their offer.

Well the choice is yours! See below for Full Movies.

Have a great day!

For links to Full Movies Click here.

Bob D is a professional reviewer from Ohio.

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