Best Movies of 2010

Best Movies of 2010

Best Movies of 2010

There are many good movies produced in the year 2010. The article below shows a few movies on the list.


Tangled is basically based on the Rapunzel story, which was released on November 17th. It is an animated film that many families have voted as one of the best movies for a good family time. The story tells of a beautiful young girl who was kidnapped by an elderly witch since birth as she possessed a power that could keep her youthful. She was isolated in a tower with no companion except a pet chameleon to keep her company. One day, a thief accidentally stumbled in her tower and chose it to as a hiding place from guards. After some time together, they realized their love for each other. However, the wicked witch would do anything to have Rapunzel back to her side and safe guard her youth. Tangled is also the second most costly film made and is the most expensive one.

Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi are the main voice cast of the movie.


Another movie on the list of the best movies of 2010 is Tron: Legacy. Released on December 16th, it is directed by Joseph Kosinski and is a sequel to Tron of 1982. The main stars are jeff Bridges, Garett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde. The movie unfolds with an ambitious Kevin Flynn telling his son of another greater world. Unfortunately for young Sam Flynn, his father never returned after that night. Encouraged by his father's company executive, he investigates a mysterious message sent from his father's pager. The mystery was that the pager was discontinued years ago. He discovered a hidden laboratory and was accidentally transported to a different world called The Grid. In that world, Sam found out that his father was trapped in that world by Clu, a digital copy of Kevin since the night he left and the ingenuity he possessed to create that world.


Clu had since seized control of The Grid and forced Kevin into hiding. He also met a girl named Quorra. Despite his father's advice, Sam is impatient and determined to return to the real world with his father, which ultimately got them into trouble. In the end, Kevin sacrificed himself to allow passage for Sam and Quorra to be transported back to the real world. The new Tron has taken visual effects to a whole new level. Most audiences were stunned by the beauty of the computer city and outstanding visuals on the whole.

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