Karaoke In Television And Movies

Karaoke In Television And Movies

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Karaoke In Television And Movies

Karaoke is not limited to real life only. The entertainment world has fully grasped the scene by putting it into different kinds of media. It has not only manifested in karaoke boxes but in the bigger screens of the industry. How it has gone to the biggest media is no any question; due to its immediate popularity, producers and writers had thought of adapting it to gain more audience.

One of the some great examples of this transition is those karaoke TV shows. There are a lot of game-type shows that utilizes karaoke as the main theme of the show. The Singing Bee is the famous karaoke game show that uses the elements of singing bee and karaoke. The contestants are tested in their song lyrics knowledge by filling in some missing words or sentences while singing the song.

Say What? Karaoke is a MTV-produced game show; two contestants sing in front of a karaoke machine a popular song with a music video. Then, they are rated from 1 to 10 by judges according to their performance. Wayne Brady’s Don’t Forget the Lyrics has the same concept as The Singing Bee but the contestant has a cash pot that he or she needs to maintain and increase by completing 10 songs; the potential prize for the contest is $ 1,000,000.

There is a British TV series named with the same term. The show tells a story of an English dramatist who is working on his TV play, “Karaoke”. American TV shows like How I Met Your Mother and Friends include a karaoke machine in one of their episodes. Internet shows also put karaoke in one of their gimmicks. FunnyOrDie pranked your local bar by dressing Jewel, the singer, as a white-collar professional and having her perform on stage. T-Mobile’s campaign “Life’s For Sharing” did an event where thousands of people did a karaoke simultaneously in Trafalgar Square.

In the cinema scene, there are also movies or scenes where you can see the actor or actress singing karaoke. The Karaoke King is an independent comedy film that heavily depicts karaoke singers battling for a crown. In the comedy-drama film Lost In Translation, there was a scene that Scarlet Johansson and Bill Murray were having a karaoke session with their Japanese friends. The Disney stars Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens participated in a karaoke contest and sang “Start of Something New” in the 2006 movie hit “High School Musical”.

The media has not had enough when it comes to putting karaoke into their concepts. They will continue on venturing into new sing-along horizons to overly satisfy their audience.


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